Sunday, November 16, 2014

#BDS -- We Protest Israel's "Musical Ambassador" Idan Raichel at University of Washington's Meany Hall

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Israeli musician Idan Raichel is an enthusiastic ambassador for the Israeli government, especially the inaccurately named Israel Defense Force (IDF), for whom he has performed benefit concerts.  Last night, Voices for Palestine, Women in Black, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights-UW (SUPER) and other allies demonstrated at his Meany Hall concert, which was part of the UW World Series of Music concert series. 

A world music performer, Raichel is the perfect foil.  His music projects a peaceful image,  allowing Israel to chauffeur him around the world, attempting to distract with his hipster gloss, from the atrocities Israel's army is committing against Palestinians. 

For more background on the slick propagandist cum musician, here is an article in Electronic Intifada. 

We educated a lot of series subscribers who had no idea about Raichel's chosen role as propagandist.  It was clear that our banners and signs (pictured here) raised the ire of some attendees.  But many more welcomed our flyers and one family (that we know of) told us they weren't going to attend as a result.  Other individuals stated they would contact the series office objecting to Raichel's inclusion in the program.  It felt great to challenge the whitewashing of Israeli war crimes.   It is clear the world cannot afford to be lulled by the siren song of  Raichel's "peaceful music."  

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