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WATCH: US Tour For Assange–TODAY 6 PM NYC W/Waters, Hedges, Mate’ & Credico – Consortiumnews

WATCH: US Tour For Assange–NYC With Waters, Hedges, Mate’ & Credico – Consortiumnews


The U.S. tour by Julian Assange's father and brother continues in NYC with Roger Waters, Chris Hedges, Aaron Mate' and Randy Credico. Watch it live here today Thursday, 6 pm EDT. The People's Forum in New York City hosts the father and brother of Julian Assange, John and Gabriel Shipton as their 17-city tour gets underway

The People’s Forum in New York City hosts the father and brother of Julian Assange, John and Gabriel Shipton as their 17-city U.S. speaking tour continues at 320 West 37th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues). They will be joined by Randy Credico, satirist and radio host; Chris Hedges, journalist and TV host; Aaron Mate’, journalist at The Greyzone and Roger Waters, composer, Pink Floyd co-founder and activist.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

An Open Letter on U.S. Media Coverage of Palestine | Jun, 2021 | Medium

An open letter on U.S. media coverage of Palestine | by An open letter on U.S. media coverage of Palestine | Jun, 2021 | Medium

To see the signatories, go to the original link above.

From journalists, to journalists: Why reporting on Palestine has to change.

Finding truth and holding the powerful to account are core principles of journalism.

Yet for decades, our news industry has abandoned those values in coverage of Israel and Palestine. We have failed our audiences with a narrative that obscures the most fundamental aspects of the story: Israel’s military occupation and its system of apartheid.

For the sake of our readers and viewers — and the truth — we have a duty to change course immediately and end this decades-long journalistic malpractice. The evidence of Israel’s systematic oppression of Palestinians is overwhelming and must no longer be sanitized.

In April, Human Rights Watch released a 213-page report that documented Israeli authorities committing “crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution.” Leading Israeli human rights group B’tselem characterized the region as governed by a regime of ethnic supremacy.

These terms — apartheid, persecution, ethnic supremacy — are increasingly gaining institutional recognition after years of Palestinian advocacy, and we, as journalists, need to examine whether our coverage reflects that reality.

Take, for example, the language used in the recent coverage of East Jerusalem neighborhood Sheikh Jarrah. Media outlets often refer to forced displacement of Palestinians living there — illegal under international law and potentially a war crime — as “evictions.”

This term misleadingly implies a real estate “dispute” between tenant and landlord, an inaccurate depiction of the state of affairs. The United Nations considers East Jerusalem occupied Palestinian territory, meaning Israel’s territorial claims there are not recognized. More importantly, using the term ignores the well-documented aim of the Israeli government to establish and maintain ethnic dominance over Palestinians.

During the last few days of Ramadan, Israeli forces violently attacked worshippers at the Al Aqsa mosque compound with tear gas and rubber-tipped bullets. Journalists didn’t call this an “attack” or “assault” on Palestinians, but rather a “clash,” as if both sides shared equal culpability and agency in the escalation.

When Israel attacked Gaza, media outlets framed it as a “conflict” between two equal entities, ignoring the total asymmetry in power. Under the guise of objectivity, rockets fired at Israel — which caused significantly less damage than Israeli airstrikes — were covered just as much as Israel attacking medical facilities and leveling entire residential buildings, clouding the nearly one-sided scale of violence and destruction.

The asymmetry in context does not just extend to the language we use; stories tend to disproportionately amplify Israeli narratives while suppressing Palestinian ones.

Too often, media outlets uncritically repeat Israeli military claims about its assault on Gaza without asking for evidence or proof, despite clear examples where Israeli officials spread false information. Journalists reported the claim from Israeli forces that they had launched a ground invasion — that was false.

The human toll caused by Israel’s bombardment is indisputable: Hundreds dead, more than 65 of them children. While statements made by Israeli officials and their defenders justifying the killing of civilians went unchallenged, Palestinian civilians had their humanity interrogated: Journalists asked whether they support violence or Hamas rockets.

Troubling still, reporting wanes considerably when Israel halts its airstrikes. Palestinians are ignored in so-called times of “peace” despite attacks and other hostile aspects of life under occupation continuing after the ceasefire.

Though there have been exceptions that accurately reflect the plight of many Palestinians, they are few and far between.

As journalists, we are entrusted with a profoundly important mission in a free and democratic society, the power to inform the people and guide the national conversation, from the family dinner table to Capitol Hill.

We are calling on journalists to tell the full, contextualized truth without fear or favor, to recognize that obfuscating Israel’s oppression of Palestinians fails this industry’s own objectivity standards.

We have an obligation — a sacred one — to get the story right. Every time we fail to report the truth, we fail our audiences, our purpose and, ultimately, the Palestinian people.


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Monday, June 07, 2021

Freegans of New York. Why New Yorkers Eat Food from the Trash | RT Documentary

“Lab leak” Proponent Nicholas Wade Pushed Racist Pseudo-science in 2014 Book - World Socialist Web Site

“Lab leak” proponent Nicholas Wade pushed racist pseudo-science in 2014 book - World Socialist Web Site:

The New York Times and Washington Post are citing a serial fabricator whose 2014 book was condemned by the biologists whose research he cited, together with more than 140 other scientists.


The article in Scientific American notes passages in Wade’s book such as the following:

From a glance at an Eskimo’s physique, it is easy to recognize an evolutionary process at work that has molded the human form for better survival in an arctic environment. Populations that live at high altitudes, like Tibetans, represent another adaptation to extreme environments; in this case, the changes in blood cell regulation are less visible but have been identified genetically. The adaptation of Jews to capitalism is another such evolutionary process (emphasis added).

For these and other passages, Wade’s book was hailed by leading white supremacists and anti-Semites, including the website of David Duke, who welcomed it as a “fascinating insight into how Jewish Supremacists attempt to guard the gates of scientific debate,” declaring “there is indeed a biological basis to race.”

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PETITION TO FREE ASSANGE · Geneva Call to UK and US: Free Assange #GVA_FreeAssange ·

Petition · Geneva Call to UK and US: Free Assange #GVA_FreeAssange ·



What is fascism? with Trotskyist David North, Socialist Equality Party (7 min)

Time Magazine & Ibram X. Kendi Promote a Race-obsessed, Money-hungry “Black Renaissance” - World Socialist Web Site

Time magazine and Ibram X. Kendi promote a race-obsessed, money-hungry “Black Renaissance” - World Socialist Web Site


Wealth inequality has grown generally within American society, but it is widest among African Americans. An analysis by the People’s Policy Project found that the black upper class controlled 1,328 times the wealth of the black poor, compared to a racial wealth gap of 15.7 between the black and white median. It is not surprising, under these conditions of astronomical wealth concentration, that there was a significant shift in the votes of African Americans for Donald Trump in 2020 from 2016.

Kendi and the money-obsessed artists and journalists he has identified as part of the “Black Renaissance”—whose political touchstones are the war criminals and corporate raiders in the Democratic Party—have nothing in common with the democratic and egalitarian strivings of the best elements of the Harlem Renaissance. That artistic and cultural movement was profoundly influenced by the 1917 Russian Revolution led by the Bolsheviks, the workers state they built in the Soviet Union and the political activity of Communist and socialist thinkers in the United States.

The Harlem Renaissance was racially and culturally mixed, involving white and black, American, Caribbean and French influence. The artists, writers, poets and political activists were a mix of Garveyite black nationalists, Communists and socialists. Above all they sought to use their art to break down racial barriers and stereotypes and fight against the racism of Jim Crow segregation and the terror of lynching. Many joined the Communist Party or affiliated organizations inspired by the example of the October Revolution, only to become disillusioned and driven away from revolutionary politics by the bitter experience of Stalinism and the anti-Communist witch hunts.

The list of enduring black artists, writers and journalists from this period is long: Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, Nella Larsen, Lorraine Hansberry, Hubert Harrison, Scott Joplin, W.E.B. Dubois, Josephine Baker, Leontyne Price, Shirley Verrett, Paul Robeson, William Grant Still, Duke Ellington, Marian Anderson, James Weldon Johnson, Lena Horne, Sidney Poitier, Cab Calloway, Claude McKay, Jean Toomer, Louis Armstrong, Thelonious Monk, Oscar Peterson, Charlie Parker, Sidney Bechet, Chandler Owen, A. Phillip Randolph and on and on and on. Who among the current crop of racialist celebrities hailed by Kendi and Time compares to any of these figures?

Wright, the author of Native Son (1940), began attending meetings of the John Reed Club, a Communist Party-sponsored literary group, in 1934 and married Communist Party organizer Ellen Poplar in 1941. He explained later in life: “The revolutionary words leaped from the page and struck me with tremendous force. My attention was caught by the similarity of the experiences of workers in other lands, by the possibility of uniting scattered but kindred peoples into a whole. It seemed to me that here at last, in the realm of revolutionary expression, Negro experience could find a home, a functioning value and role.”

Hughes, poet and playwright, was also involved in the John Reed Club and was active in other Communist Party sponsored initiatives, including the defense of the Scottsboro Boys. He explained under the needling of Joseph McCarthy’s Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in 1953, “My feeling, sir, is that I have believed in the entire philosophies of the left at one period in my life, including socialism, communism, Trotskyism.”

McKay, co-executive editor of The Liberator alongside socialist Max Eastman, traveled to the Soviet Union, attending the Fourth Congress of the Communist International in 1922. He declared in 1919: “Every Negro who lays claim to leadership should make a study of Bolshevism and explain its meaning to the coloured masses. It is the greatest and most scientific idea afloat in the world today.”

While many figures in the Harlem Renaissance eventually moved to the right, along with the intelligentsia generally in the postwar period, socialist ideas and consciousness of the class struggle left a mark in their best works. Their understanding of the reality that there was, is and could be a class struggle, in which the working class, led by a politically conscious revolutionary leadership, united across racial, linguistic and national lines, can free itself from the bonds of capitalism and take control of society for itself is completely devoid from the works of those identified as the leading lights of the “Black Renaissance” today.

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Palestinian Resistance Humiliates Israel--Video Interview--Asad AbuKhalil & Rania Khalek (Breakthrough News)


Palestinian Resistance Humiliates Israel:

At BreakThrough News We believe in the power of independent media. Five mega-corporations dominate the media landscape — controlling 90% of what we read, watch and listen to. They control the news cycle, to which social media and even most “alternative” media is forced to respond.

Biking while Palestinian: Israeli police run over child for flying Palestinian flag on his bicycle

Biking while Palestinian: Israeli police run over child for flying Palestinian flag on his bicycle


The Israeli police ran over him, beat him, and instead of calling an ambulance, they arrested him – because he had a Palestinian flag on his bicycle.

reposted from Middle East Monitor, May 31, 2021

A 12-year-old Palestinian child was run over by Israeli police in East Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood for placing the Palestinian flag on his bicycle while riding to a nearby grocery to buy bread, Anadolu reports.

“I was on my bike to buy bread when three Israeli policemen chased me because I put the [Palestinian] flag on the bike,” Jawad al-Abbasi said in a report he provided to the Hadassah Hospital where he has been receiving treatment.

The boy said he was nursing injuries on his head, neck, and leg.

Jawad also told the Jerusalem-based Wadi Hilweh Information Center in another testimony that Israeli police held him at gunpoint and beat him. “I was afraid that they would shoot me or arrest me,” he added.

Jawad said passers-by had to call the ambulance because Israeli police refused to, noting that he fainted before reaching the hospital.

“I am now at the hospital and I am afraid that Israeli police will come to arrest me before I get the necessary treatment,” the boy said.

There was no comment from the Israeli police on the incident.


Tuesday, June 01, 2021

A scandal is being thuggishly covered up by a regime more interested in propaganda than human life – What's Left

A scandal is being thuggishly covered up by a regime more interested in propaganda than human life – What's Left


Former CIA case officer Ralph McGehee’s view of his former employer suggests what outcome we can expect from Biden’s ‘find me some evidence’ order to the intelligence community. “The CIA is not now nor has it ever been a Central Intelligence Agency,” McGehee said. Instead, “it is the covert action arm of the president’s foreign policy advisers” whose role is “reporting ‘intelligence’ justifying” the president’s positions and activities. The CIA “shapes its intelligence … to support presidential policy.” McGehee concluded that disinformation is a large part of the intelligence community’s ambit, and the US population is “the primary target audience of its lies.”  [11]

The catastrophe of the Covid pandemic was caused by the failure of the United States and its allies to act quickly and decisively to eliminate community transmission. In the critical month of February 2020, as China acted with resolve to smother the flames of a developing pandemic, the United States dithered, incapable of mobilizing its underfunded public health infrastructure, which barely existed, and reluctant to disrupt business activity. The result was that a small fire that could have been contained and extinguished, soon grew into a global conflagration. This ranks among the greatest failures in history: profits were prioritized over public health—a process involving ethically dubious decision-making that made the pandemic more dangerous, thuggishly covered up by a regime more interested in propaganda than human life, trying to divert attention from its abject failures by falsely blaming the one country, China, that has done more than any other to bring the pandemic to a close.


Closest hostile military presence since World War II: U.S. troops permanently stationed only 6-9 miles from Belarus border – foreign minister – Anti-bellum

Closest hostile military presence since World War II: U.S. troops permanently stationed only 6-9 miles from Belarus border – foreign minister – Anti-bellum


“Observing the development of the situation in our region and in the world in general, given the growing confrontation in all directions, we can say that we are heading towards the ‘Cold War 2.0′. If we continue exchanging accusations against each other, the accusations that are really destructive, like the ones made by President Biden, we can assume that this way we will be one step away from a hot war.”

The reference to Biden is presumably regarding his harsh condemnation of Belarus on May 24, in which he threatened sanctions against the country and clearly signaled American support for so-called regime change, whether of the past twenty years’ color revolution variety or its predecessor, a military coup d’état.