Sunday, July 18, 2021

COVID-19 cases across the US have more than doubled in the last two weeks - World Socialist Web Site

COVID-19 cases across the US have more than doubled in the last two weeks - World Socialist Web Site:


The surge of infections across the United States with the hyper-transmissible Delta variant has commenced as the vaccination campaign has stalled, leaving millions unvaccinated and vulnerable.


Julia Raifman, a health policy professor at Boston University, told Axios, “A lot of low-income workers are working hard to provide food and housing. That may mean it’s hard for them to find a time to get vaccinated.” The issue of unpaid time off is a concern, given vaccine side effects. Companies are not always making it easy for workers to get these life-saving treatments despite many low-income workers still wanting to get vaccinated.

Even the CDC noted that although vaccine eligibility has expanded, “vaccination coverage among adults was lower among those living in counties with lower socioeconomic status and with a higher percentage of households with children, single parents, and persons with disabilities.”

It should be noted that since Joe Biden took his oath of office in January, close to 200,000 people have died from COVID-19. His administration, the CDC, and both Democratic and Republican state governments have been working furiously to dismantle the safeguards of public health measures that have saved lives, in order to push workers back to their jobs. Vaccines have been used to declare the pandemic over and demand a return to capitalist exploitation as usual.


Monday, July 05, 2021

TYT-Jimmy Dore War Shows Toxic Pathologies in Liberal Discourse - System Update with Glenn Greenwald

Julian Assange’s Freedom Depends on the Mobilisation of the Working Class - World Socialist Web Site

Julian Assange’s freedom depends on the mobilisation of the working class - World Socialist Web Site


The struggles thus far are a harbinger of even greater ones to come. As in the 20th century, the corollary of capitalism’s turn to war and dictatorship is mass revolutionary struggle by the working class.

It is there that Assange’s supporters will find a constituency for the defence of democratic rights. It is in the working class that the great democratic traditions of past struggles, including the American Declaration of Independence, celebrated on July 4, live on.

Every effort must be made to apprise the working class of Assange’s plight and to mobilise it. This can only take place through a rejection of any perspective of subordinating the struggle to polite appeals and backroom lobbying. The demand must be raised that Biden drop the prosecution; that the UK immediately free Assange, and that the Australian government defend him as a persecuted citizen and publisher. But experience has demonstrated that they will only do this if they are compelled to by a mass movement from below.

Finally, the Assange case raises all the major questions of the present period. The fight for his freedom is a fight against the capitalist state, imperialist war and the domination of society by a corporate oligarchy that resembles the decrepit aristocracies of old. Each facet of Assange’s persecution poses the necessity for an alternative, a fight for the revolutionary reorganisation of society, the political power of the working class and genuine democracy. Ultimately, that means a revolutionary struggle for the abolition of capitalism and the establishment of socialism.


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Saturday, July 03, 2021

You Are Here for Us, Julian. We're Here for You. Happy Birthday! U.S., Stop the Extradition #FreeJulianAssange


Seattle on Interstate 5.  Julian's Birthday!  #FreeJulian Assange

Corporate Media Blacks Out Admission that Witness Against Assange Lied for US indictment - World Socialist Web Site

Corporate media blacks out admission that witness against Assange lied for US indictment - World Socialist Web Site


One might have thought that media interest in the story would be particularly great in the US, Britain and Australia. The US, after all, is seeking to try Assange on 17 Espionage Act charges, which are a frontal assault on freedom of the press. Britain is indefinitely detaining Assange, a journalist, in a maximum-security prison. And the Australian government, along with the Labor Party opposition, have washed their hands of Assange, despite the fact that he is a persecuted Australian citizen and publisher. 

Instead, the response has been one of radio silence. As of today, a Google News search indicates that not a single English-language corporate publication has even referenced the Stundin report or Thordarson’s admission. It would be difficult to conceive of a more complete suppression of significant and newsworthy information. The blackout has been adhered to across the board, without even one publication breaking ranks and informing its readership.

Hundreds Dead throughout US Pacific Northwest, British Columbia in “once-in-a-millennium” Heat Wave - World Socialist Web Site

Hundreds dead throughout US Pacific Northwest, British Columbia in “once-in-a-millennium” heat wave - World Socialist Web Site:


Climate change is an inherently global problem and requires an internationally coordinated system, which is impossible under such tensions, all of which involve countries armed with nuclear weapons.