Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday, October 12, 2018

A Message From Peter Gabriel about Leonard Peltier--BENEFIT CONCERT ON OCTOBER 15!!!!

Go to and you can learn more about the concert on October 15! All benefits go to help Leonard and it features some of the biggest names in music!

Pictorial Report of Valve Turner Trial in Bagley, Minnesota (October 8-9, 2018)--Defendants Annette Klapstein, Emily Johnston, & Ben Joldersma All Acquitted

Raging Grannies (Katherine, Sue & Linda) support our Gran Annette Klapstein, Valve Turner (Acquitted!) 
Valve Turners, Their Lawyers & Expert Witnesses
Dr. James Hansen, Expert Witness (& Hungry Guy)

Clearwater County, Minnesota Courthouse (at Press Conference after Surprise Acquittal) w/Nicky Bradford, Wife of Ben Joldersma, and Organizer Extraordinaire

Israeli Authorities Step Up anti-BDS Policies: Political Test to Enter Israel--@therealnews . [Great Report on this]