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"Afghanistan Rises in Revolt Against US Occupation"


The Washington Post quoted two Afghan policemen at a Kabul checkpoint. "Afghans and the world’s Muslims should rise against the foreigners. We have no patience left," one said, while his partner added, "We both will attack the foreign military people."

A particularly revealing incident was the killing of a US colonel and major by an Afghan official inside the Afghan Interior Ministry’s Command and Control Center—supposedly one of the most secure facilities in Kabul. The two US officers mocked the Koran and argued with an Afghan official, identified as Abdul Saboor, 25. Saboor then shot eight rounds at them, killing both.

Saboor reportedly walked out of the heavily-guarded ministry without interference, which suggests that his actions evoked widespread sympathy.

Such a criminal neo-colonial war inevitably leads to acts of barbarism like the recent video of US Marines urinating on the corpses of Afghans they had just killed, or the case of Stryker Brigade soldiers who murdered Afghan civilians and cut off their fingers and other body parts as trophies.

Such events are part of the daily crimes and atrocities involved in maintaining an imperialist occupation of Afghanistan. NATO air strikes routinely incinerate dozens of innocent civilians, US Special Forces break into homes in night raids and terrorize entire families, NATO forces oversee the arrest, detention and torture of thousands.

Major responsibility for these continuing crimes lies with the political forces that disoriented mass anti-war sentiment and channeled it behind the Democratic Party. Barack Obama ran in the 2008 presidential election as a purported opponent of the war in Iraq, while promising to continue the war in Afghanistan. He has since tripled the number of US troops deployed in Afghanistan, and the death toll of Afghan civilians has risen every year since he entered the White House.

The war in Afghanistan demonstrates that the Democratic Party is just as much a party of imperialist war and aggression as the Republican Party. The war is an indictment not only of the Obama administration, but of all those organizations of the liberal and pseudo-socialist "left" that portrayed Obama as an "anti-war" alternative to Bush and the Republicans, and which are rallying behind the Obama reelection campaign in 2012.

The social basis of opposition to war is not to be found in any section of the political establishment, but in the international working class—the force whose struggles last year toppled US-backed dictators in Egypt and Tunisia.

Workers in the United States and throughout the world must demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US and NATO forces, the prosecution on war crimes charges of those responsible for the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and massive reparations to the Afghan people.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Judge Tosses Lawsuit to Overturn Olympia Co-op's Boycott of Israeli Goods BY JEREMY PAWLOSKI

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to overturn the Olympia Food Co-op's boycott of Israeli goods, ruling that the lawsuit was an illegal "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation," or SLAPP. Bruce Johnson of Davis Wright Tremaine in Seattle, an attorney for the defendants in the lawsuit, said following the judge's ruling that SLAPP lawsuits are illegal under an enhanced anti-SLAPP statute he and another staff attorney at Davis Wright Tremaine helped draft.

"SLAPPs are usually designed to throttle free speech and force the speakers to spend unnecessary litigation costs," Johnson said.

Thurston County Superior Court Judge Thomas McPhee ruled Monday that the plaintiffs who sought to overturn the co-op's boycott of Israeli goods failed to show that the co-op's board acted outside its authority when it enacted the boycott in July, 2010.
Nine of the co-op's 10 board members voted to remove Israeli products from store shelves.

McPhee also ruled that the issue of whether consensus was necessary among co-op staff in enacting the boycott was not material to the case, as had been argued by the plaintiffs who brought the suit seeking to nullify the boycott. McPhee ruled that the co-op's board never exempted itself as the final authority with respect to the right to enact a boycott.

McPhee also addressed the plaintiffs' contention in its lawsuit that the boycott was not "nationally recognized," as is required under the co-op's boycott policy.

McPhee said the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement or BDS, which supported the boycott, "is a national movement."

Members of Olympia's BDS movement have supported boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel "until it ends occupation of Palestine, respects the right of return of Palestinian refugees, and gives equal rights to Palestinians living inside of Israel," according to its website.

McPhee also ruled that the defendants' speech in enacting the boycott was protected free speech involving an issue of public concern. He also ruled that the SLAPP statute itself is not unconstitutional, as had been argued by the plaintiffs' attorney, Bob Sulkin.
The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are five co-op members who opposed the boycott. The defendants in the suit are 16 current or former co-op board members.

Sulkin said following McPhee's dismissal of the suit that he will appeal McPhee's opinion to the Washington Court of Appeals.

McPhee said that after he returns from a week's vacation, he will consider a written order awarding damages in the case. Under Washington's SLAPP statute, each defendant in the lawsuit is potentially entitled to an "anti-SLAPP penalty," of $10,000, in addition to attorney's fees.

Israeli products that were removed from the co-op's two stores after the boycott, one in East Olympia and the other on Olympia's West Side, include gluten-free crackers, ice cream cones and a moisturizing cream.

In McPhee's concluding remarks, he recognized that his opinion will most likely be appealed by the plaintiff's' attorney. He suggested that one way to avoid more costly litigation by both sides would be to put the question of the boycott to a vote by its full membership. McPhee added in his remarks, however, that he has no authority to require any of the parties to put a boycott vote to the co-op membership.

Johnson pointed out outside court that last year, the co-op board offered to facilitate a member-initiated ballot that would have put a vote on the boycott to the co-op's full membership. However, Sulkin refused that offer, Johnson said.
Jeremy Pawloski: 360-754-5445 jpawloski@theolympian.com

Read more here: http://www.theolympian.com/2012/02/27/v-print/2007774/judge-tosses-lawsuit-that-sought.html#storylink=cpy

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South African Activist's Inspiring Talk Supporting BDS of Israel


Israel Does Not Know How To Deal with Newest Crop of Courageous Non-Violent Palestinians

Palestinian nonviolent youth activist, Fadi Quran was assaulted and arrested in Palestine on Friday as he demonstrated for the reopening of the Shuhada Street to Palestinians.

Quran’s crime? Israeli officials say Fadi “pushed” a soldier.

Shuhada Street is located in the heart of Hebron and is the central thoroughfare connecting all corners of the city. It has been closed to Palestinians since the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre in 1994.

The Stanford Daily, the online publication of Stanford University in the U.S., from where Quran graduated reported on Friday: “Quran, a Palestinian Stanford graduate from the West Bank and U.S. citizen, was arrested today in Hebron, West Bank, for allegedly pushing an Israeli soldier, according to tweets from journalists and activists in Palestine.”

However, live footage from the demo reveals Quran, visibly upset as he talks to Israeli soldiers, but there is no image of a physical attack on his part. Instead he is seen being gripped by several soldiers and pushed toward a police van. The video also shows an officer using pepper spray on Quran before throwing him on the floor where his head hits the bumper of the van, as soldiers violently try to get him inside the vehicle.

Jake Horowitz, a friend of Quran’s from Stanford who is providing constant updates about his situation, last reported that Quran is currently being held in Ofer military jail. He was supposed to be brought to court on Sunday, charged with battering a soldier but it has been delayed till Monday.

Quran could be held for an unlimited period of time waiting for a court verdict, since Israel’s administrative detention procedure permits it.

Horowitz met Quran on a trip to “Ahmedabad, India, where both studied nonviolence and its advocates, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, with a group of Stanford students at Gandhi’s ashram. Quran participated in a three-week academic seminar in order to learn concrete skills of nonviolent protest.”

Only a few weeks earlier, the world was following up on the story of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan’s hunger strike protesting his administrative detention. Adnan agreed to a deal that would secure his release in April after enduring a 66-day hunger strike that garnered worldwide media attention.  [Plus, Hana’a Shalabi is in her 10th day of a hunger strike in detention:  http://palsolidarity.org/2012/02/palestinian-female-detainee-hanaa-shalabi-on-tenth-day-of-hunger-strike/

A Facebook page called “Free Fadi Quran” has been created as well as an online petition to pressure the authorities to set him free. “Fadi should not be detained for an indefinite period of time on false charges. It is imperative that the Israeli government release Fadi so that he may continue to speak for his people and PEACEFULLY push for basic human rights” states the petition.

In a March 2011 issue, Time magazine described Fadi Quran as the Face of the new Middle East: “He is a Palestinian who has returned home to start an alternative-energy company and see what he can do to help create a Palestinian state. He identifies with neither of the two preeminent Palestinian political factions, Hamas and Fatah. His allegiance is to the Facebook multitudes who orchestrated the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and who are organizing nonviolent protests throughout the region. In the Palestinian territories, the social-networking rebels call themselves the March 15 movement.”

In that same article, Quran says: “I think about the dogs unleashed on Martin Luther King in Birmingham. I think about the beatings. That's what it took for Americans to see the justice of his cause. We will be risking our lives, but that is what it takes.”

Fadi Quran was arrested on his 24th birthday.

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Israel Attacks 2nd Annual Open Shuhada Street Non-violent Demo


Malcolm X: Black Nationalism and Resistance

Malcolm X is perhaps best known for his categorical opposition to racism in 1960s America. Assassinated while addressing a political rally on the 21st February 1965, Malcolm has continued to inspire new generations of anti-racists, anti-imperialists and anti-capitalists long after his death. His life and legacy – although controversial – continues to be an inspiration and provides many important lessons for the times ahead.

Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little in 1925 in Nebraska, grew up in a society surrounded by racism and poverty in an economically bleak America. His autobiography gives insight into the brutality and struggle of daily existence; the framing of his father and his eventual murder for his outspoken black nationalism; and the strain of bringing up eight children on his mother who was later admitted into a mental asylum in 1939. Despite this turbulent childhood Malcolm did well as school. But he quickly learned the prejudice and injustice of being Black in a society filled with racist bigotry: on telling his teacher of his dream of becoming a lawyer he was very abruptly informed that being a lawyer was “no realistic goal for a nigger”. After dropping out of school Malcolm soon made his way to Boston, moving from one job to another until he became involved in organized crime, and was eventually arrested for burglary in 1946.

During his incarceration Malcolm came into contact with The Nation of Islam also known as ‘Black Muslims’ – an organisation led by Elijah Muhammad. Members of the Nation would replace their surname with the letter X as a symbol representing the unknown African name taken from their ancestors by slave owners. He joined the Nation and after his release from prison was quickly elevated to become its leading spokesperson. He used this position to articulate a position of militant black nationalism – in stark contrast to the mainstream of the civil rights movement. While their support for black separatism was controversial and their rejection of white anti-racists provocative, the Nation saw its membership increase substantially due to their militant position within the growing civil rights movement and the oratorical genius that Malcolm possessed.

So it was shocking to many when growing disillusionment with Elijah Muhammad forced Malcolm to leave the organization in 1964. Apart from the host of scandals Malcolm uncovered, one of his political points of departure with the Nation was caused by their unwillingness to organize the growing anger towards racism on the streets. Black America needed an expression – and the Nation was simply not fit for purpose.
After his departure from the Nation of Islam Malcolm spent time travelling the Middle East and Africa where his experiences would challenge his long held ideological views and would transform his beliefs and his conceptualization of black nationalism. On his return to the U.S he founded the Muslim Mosque Inc. and the Organization of Afro-American Unity. His radical ethos was clear – armed self-defence against aggressors, and the pursuit of freedom, justice and equality “by any means necessary.”

The international travels had taught Malcolm about the need for global resistance, bringing together the domestic struggle of African Americans for equal rights with the liberation struggles of Third World nations. He was eager to meet the leaders of the civil rights movement and to turn the struggle of civil rights into a fight for wider human rights moving it from a primarily domestic issue to an international one. He also recognized the impact of capitalism on the world and while sceptical of the socialism practised by both the USSR and the American left he espoused a strong anti-capitalism, famously stating “show me a capitalist and I’ll show you a bloodsucker”. He understood well the use of racism by the ruling class as a means of divide and rule- “You can’t have capitalism without racism.”

Malcolm began to argue that unity would be central to any fight against oppression and in the struggle for equality: “When the day comes when the whites who are really fed-up — I don’t mean these jive whites who pose as liberals — learn how to establish the proper type of communication with those uptown who are fed-up, and they get some co-ordinated action going, you’ll get some changes… And it will take both.” Over the years we see a shift in Malcolm’s views – moving away from the spiritual philosophy of the Nation of Islam towards a far more political black nationalism with an international perspective.
Although marred in controversy for most of his life because of the radical views he possessed, much can be learned from the legacy of Malcolm X. Central to his ideas was the importance of struggle – to engage in struggle, the need for action and most importantly, unity. Later in life he stressed the importance of resisting globally – of bringing together the domestic struggle with the international struggle against imperialism. He states “It is incorrect to classify the revolt of the Negro as simply a radical conflict of black against white or as a purely American problem. Rather, we are today seeing a global rebellion of the oppressed against the oppressor, the exploited against the exploiter.”

Today his ideas resonate more than ever as we face a global economic crisis in which our resistance must also be global. Where racism and war are used to divide us – we must stress the importance of unity in our struggle for greater equality and freedom. Where the struggle can often become domesticated we must raise the call for internationalism. At a time when we are being told to pay for an economic crisis that we did not create we must argue for militant resistance.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Seattle Voices of Palestine Supports Hunger Striker Khader Adnan. Free Khader Adnan!

 Seattle Voices of Palestine supports hunger striker Khader Adnan held in Israeli administrative detention for over 2 months without charge.  Dying to live!
Stop Administrative Detention, Israel!

Mumia Calls on You to ‘Occupy 4 Prisoners’ Monday, Feb. 20

This drawing by Rashid Johnson for his comrades in California was immediately adopted as the icon of the hunger strikes that drew over 12,000 participants. Rashid, who excels not only as an artist but as a writer as well, is commonly compared to the legendary George Jackson. – Drawing: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Solidarity from Students in Glasgow, Scotland -- Khader Adnan

We, students in Glasgow, Scotland from the Palestine Societies at Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Glasgow held a vigil action on Tuesday 14th February joining others around the world in a day of solidarity with you in your brave struggle on behalf of your fellow prisoners against the occupier and it's apartheid system. Your brave fight, although shamefully slowly, has now reached UK media and the the facade of liberal democracy Israel uses to hide it's true and ugly apartheid reality has suffered another crack due to your actions.
We salute your sumud and your bravery which personify the heroic resistance of the people of Palestine, and we sincerely hope you and your family know you are not alone, Palestine is not alone and take some small comfort in the knowledge that here in Scotland, in the north of the old evil empire that cursed Palestine with Balfour, support for the Palestinian rights of freedom, equality and return is solid. You and Palestine in general are a source of inspiration to us and people all over the world who at a time of Western capitalism's meltdown are facing injustice like never before.
Next week, students in over 20 universities in the UK will be doing in actions and events to mark the 8th international Israeli Apartheid Week and core to that will be the issue of Khader Adnan and Israel's draconian use of 'administrative detention' and the aim of these activities is to challenge Israeli economic and financial interests with the tools given to us by the campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the racist, apartheid State of Israel. Again, we hope this offers some small comfort and thank you for being a true inspiration to us and people across the world fighting oppression and injustice in it's many forms, you are a hero, you are a giant, you are Palestine.
Glasgow Caledonian University Palestine Society
University of Glasgow Palestine Society
(Both part of the Federation of Student Palestine Societies)

Reminder: Vigil for a Free Palestine- This Saturday, Feb 18 at Westlake

Please watch this short video and then pass it on to your family and friends.  We owe it to these children to tell their story and also to do whatever we can to end this injustice in Palestine.
Saturday, Feb 18
12:00 - 2:00pm
Westlake Plaza, 4th & Pine downtown Seattle

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Khader Adnan begins his 57th day on Hunger Strike


Khader Adnan is set to begin his 57th day on hunger strike, and is determined to fast until death. Speaking today from his prison cell, where he is shackled to his bed, Khader delivered the following statement:
“I started my battle offering my soul to God almighty and adamant to go ahead until righteousness triumphs over falsehood. I am defending my dignity and my people’s dignity and not doing this in vain.
"The Israeli occupation has gone to extremes against our people, especially prisoners. I have been humiliated, beaten, and harassed by interrogators for no reason, and thus I swore to God I would fight the policy of administrative detention to which I and hundreds of my fellow prisoners fell prey,” Adnan wrote.
His letter, delivered by Jalal Abu Wasil, a lawyer from the Palestinian ministry of prisoners affairs who visited him in hospital, also highlighted that Adnan refused to be examined by doctors.
“Here I am in a hospital bed surrounded with prison wardens, handcuffed, and my foot tied to the bed. The only thing I can do is offer my soul to God as I believe righteousness and justice will eventually triumph over tyranny and oppression.”

“I hereby assert that I am confronting the occupiers not for my own sake as an individual, but for the sake of thousands of prisoners who are being deprived of their simplest human rights while the world and international community look on," 
"It is time the international community and the UN support prisoners and force the State of Israel to respect international human rights and stop treating prisoners as if they were not humans.
Human Rights Watch (HRW)  issued a statement today where they called on Israel to either release Khader or charge him with an offence.
 “Israel should immediately end its unlawful administrative detention of Adnan and charge or release him,”

“He may be approaching death from his hunger strike, and yet Israel is chaining him to his hospital bed without bothering to even charge him with any wrongdoing,”
Support for Khader has come from across the world, with demonstrations been held in many towns and cities.  In Gaza and the West Bank, dozens of Palestinians have embarked on a hunger strike in solidarity with Khader.

A video  message of support and solidarity has come from a former Irish Hunger Striker. Tommy McKearney went 53 days without food in 1980, and was close to death before ending his fast. He knows only too well the difficulties facing Khadner, and has appealed for the international community to put pressure on the authorities to release him.

Click on the following link and watch Tommy's plea:

In 1981 Bobby Sands died after 66 days on hunger strike. A trust set up in Bobby's name has now highlighted Khader's case:

Today, hundreds gathered at the entrance to the Ofer prison and military court, where Palestinians are tried and imprisoned by Israel. 16 people were injured by rubber-coated bullets shot by Israeli forces, and four were arrested during protests.

An on line petition has been set up, and people from all over the world have signed to show their support and to call for his release:

Khader has now entered a critical stage in his hunger strike, where his death could come in a matter of hours.  According to a 2006 study by the British Medical Association, during the 1980 and 1981 hunger strikes in Northern Ireland, death generally occurred between 55 and 75 days. In general, the final stage of a hunger strike occurs between 45 to 75 days due to cardiovascular collapse or severe arrhythmias.

Please do what you can to save Khader Adnan's life. Contact the following people and demand that they intervene and save his life:

Please FAX to EU Court of Human Rights (which does not accept emails):
+ 33 (0)3 88 41 27 30
Please EMAIL to the below:
Secretary General Ban Ki-moonUnited NationsNew York, NY 10017 USA
tel: 212-963-5012
fax: 212-963-7055 FAX !!!Email: ecu@un.org

Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations Office and Specialized Institutions in GenevaAvenue de la Paix 1-31202 GenevaFax: +41 22 716 05 55,Email: mission-israel@geneva.mfa.gov.il

Write to Israeli Embassies and Consulates in your own country. A directory of Israeli embassies can be found on the website of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the following link:http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/Sherut/IsraeliAbroad

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


On the 17th of December 2011 (53 days ago), Khader Adnan began his hunger strike in protest of his ill-treatment in Israeli detention and his arbitrary detention without charge or trial (known as Administrative Detention). He is in danger of dying at any moment. His wife, Randa, who saw him for the first time since his detention today described his condition as rapidly deteriorating and that he has lost a third of his weight and his hair.
1.Call and demand the release of Khader Adnan, who has not been charged with any crime but instead is being held under Administrative Detention. 
Call the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC (1.202.364.5500) OR your local Embassy (for a list, click here).
Call the office of Jeffrey Feltman, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs (1.202.647.7209)
Demand that Jeffrey Feltman bring this issue urgently to his counterparts in Israel and raise the question of Khader Adnan’s administrative detention.
2. Organize a protest outside your local Israeli Embassy (for a list, click here).
Post your local actions to the Khader Adnan facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Khader-Adnan/236953309725144
Help us spread the word with social media after you take action.
Download this photo of Khader Adnan to use for your social media profile pictures and click on the suggested messages below and they will be automatically tweeted.  
3. Other Actions
Khader Adnan, the father of two daughters and with a third child on the way, is a baker, a Masters student in Economics at Birzeit University, and a political activist. Khader, was arrested on December 17, 2011 by masked soldiers who raided his home in the middle of the night (the village of Arrabe near Jenin in the occupied West Bank). Between the 18th and the 29th of January 2012, he was subjected to almost daily cruel and inhumane interrogations. During interrogations, he was shackled to a crooked chair with his hands tied behind his back in a position that caused him back pain. He said that interrogators threatened him constantly and verbally abused him and his family.
Khader was given a four-month administrative detention order on January 8, 2012. Khader’s interrogation period has ended but he refuses to accept the unjust system of administrative detention [more details], continuing his strike on the principle that such detention is a violation of his rights and identity. Administrative detention, a regular practice of the Israeli occupation, violates the internationally-recognized right to a fair trial. International standards for fair trial must be upheld for all political detainees, including those accused of violence, even under states of emergency. A military judge reviewed the administrative detention order on February 1, 2012 and is expected to inform lawyers of her decision later on this week.
Meanwhile, Khader’s health is deteriorating rapidly and doctors don’t expect him to be able to survive for much longer.

"Love me, love me, love me, I'm a Liberal (Thank you, Phil Ochs. We miss you.)" -- from the Inimitable Bill Blum

Angela Davis, star of the 1960s, like most members of the Communist Party, was/is no more radical than the average American liberal. Here she is recently addressing Occupy Wall Street: "When I said that we need a third party, a radical party, I was projecting toward the future. We cannot allow a Republican to take office. ... Don't we remember what it was like when Bush was president?" 12

Yes, Angela, we remember that time well. How can we forget it since Bush, by all important standards, is still in the White House? Waging perpetual war, relentless surveillance of the citizenry, kissing the corporate ass, police brutality? ... What's changed? Except for the worse. Where's our single-payer national health insurance? Nothing even close. Where's our affordable university education? Still the most backward in the "developed" world. Where's our legalized marijuana — I mean really legalized? If you think that's changed, you must be stoned. Where's our abortion on demand? What does your guy Barack think about that? Are the indispensable labor unions being rescued from oblivion? Ha! The ultra-important minimum wage? Inflation adjusted, equal to the mid-1950s.

Has the American threat to the environment and the world environmental movement ceased? Tell that to a dedicated activist-internationalist. Has the 50-year-old embargo against Cuba finally ended? It has not, and I can still not go there legally. The police-state War on Terror at home? Scarcely a month goes by without the FBI entrapping some young "terrorists". Are more Banksters and Wall Street Society-Screwers (except for the harmless insider-traders) being imprisoned? Name one. The really tough regulations of the financial area so badly needed? Keep waiting. How about executives of the BP Oil Spill Company being arrested? Or war criminals, mass murderers, and torturers with names like ... Oh, I don't know, let's see ... maybe like Cheney or Bush or Rumsfeld or Wolfowitz or someone with a crazy name like Condoleezza? All walking completely free, all celebrated.
"A major decline of progressive America occurred during the Clinton years as many liberals and their organizations accepted the presence of a Democratic president as an adequate substitute for the things liberals once believed in. Liberalism and a social democratic spirit painfully grown over the previous 60 years withered during the Clinton administration." — Sam Smith13
"A change of Presidents is like a change of advertising campaigns for a soft drink; the product itself still tastes the same, but it now has a new 'image'." — Richard K. Moore

Monday, February 06, 2012

06 February Anniversary Message from Leonard Peltier


Greetings to my relations, my friends, and to my many supporters the world over.

It is that time again. Another year has passed, and on February 6th I will be marking 36 years since my arrest. During all this time, my family and allies have discovered just how far the government will go to wrongfully convict and imprison someone they know is innocent. They do this as a message—first to Indians, and further to anyone who might stand up to injustice—as if to say, “We will do as we please”.

From the day of my arrest until now, through you my supporters, I have been honored with many activist and humanitarian awards. I thank you for keeping awareness of me and my case alive. Your commitment has really been a special experience for me.

In addition many celebrities, political figures, and organizations have called for my release, including 55 members of Congress. This last November, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) passed a permanent resolution calling for my release. Well let’s hope its not that permanent. The NCAI has committed to being directly involved with my case so that the message from Washington to Indian people does not remain, “We will do as we please”.

Still, despite all this attention and with all the leaders and people of conscience calling for my release, I have been kept in this iron cage. They have even kept me longer than their own laws say they can. With evidence corroborating that I did not receive a fair trial, with proof of government misconduct, with admissions by government officials that they do not know who killed those two agents that day at the Jumping Bull property, here I sit. “We will do as we please.”

Recently, as many of you know, an act was passed and signed into law that allows for indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial. This is perhaps the final straw, the final nail in the coffin of American freedom, the end of habeas corpus and due process. “We will do as we please.”

We Indians said it for generations: If they can kill us indiscriminately, they will do it to anyone. If they can take our land, they will do it to anyone. If they can kidnap our children and take them to prison schools, they will do it to anyone. If they can starve us and lie to us, they will do it to anyone. If they can wrongfully imprison us, they will do it to anyone. Now, sadly, this is another Indian prophecy fulfilled. “We will do as we please.”

Our ancestors and tribal people all over the world prophesized a time of upheaval and great change. I believe that time is fast approaching. I believe a part of this is the government’s ongoing overreach of its authority—until the people rise up and tell Washington, “You will NOT do as you please! We are NOT your slaves! We will NOT be subjugated! We will NOT be ruled by an iron fist! We will NOT allow you to steal our liberty or our justice!"

My friends, my relatives, my supporters—Be a part of this latest, perhaps the last "Indian uprising". Make your voice heard! Be a part of the brave Movement to come, the Movement that will change the course of human history. Make change and hope and peace and justice a part of your personal legacy. Be the change that you envision and know in your heart must take place.

Do this, and on the day you take your last breath and prepare to meet Creator, you will know your life on this Earth was well spent. Close your eyes knowing you used your breath and energy to Creator’s good purpose. Smile as you cross over knowing you changed the world so that the next seven generations can know a good life. Do these things and know that I am with you. I will embrace you as my relations—in this life or the next.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Al Walaja Village Struggles to Save Itself from Israel's Isolation Wall


Sunday, February 05, 2012

"Obama Terror Drones: CIA Tactics in Pakistan include Targeting Rescuers and Funerals"


The CIA’s drone campaign in Pakistan has killed dozens of  civilians who had gone to help rescue victims or were attending funerals, an investigation by the Bureau for the Sunday Times has revealed.

The findings are published just days after President Obama claimed that the drone campaign in Pakistan was a ‘targeted, focused effort’ that ‘has not caused a huge number of civilian casualties.’

Speaking publicly for the first time on the controversial CIA drone strikes, Obama claimed last week they are used strictly to target terrorists, rejecting what he called ‘this perception we’re just sending in a whole bunch of strikes willy-nilly’.

‘Drones have not caused a huge number of civilian casualties’, he told a questioner at an on-line forum. ‘This is a targeted, focused effort at people who are on a list of active terrorists trying to go in and harm Americans’.

But research by the Bureau has found that since Obama took office three years ago, between 282 and 535 civilians have been credibly reported as killed including more than 60 children.  A three month investigation including eye witness reports has found evidence that at least 50 civilians were killed in follow-up strikes when they had gone to help victims. More than 20 civilians have also been attacked in deliberate strikes on funerals and mourners. The tactics have been condemned by leading legal experts.
Although the drone attacks were started under the Bush administration in 2004, they have been stepped up enormously under Obama.

There have been 260 attacks by unmanned Predators or Reapers in Pakistan by Obama’s administration – averaging one every four days. Because the attacks are carried out by the CIA, no information is given on the numbers killed.

Rachel Corrie Cited as Inspiration as Occupy Oakland Endorses BDS in Landside



However, occupiers did not need much convincing on why BDS should be endorsed. During comments, an occupier named Alessandro said, "I am fully in support of this proposal," continuing, "U.S. imperialism is the biggest oppression in the entire world and Israel is their number one client." This was echoed by another who received an ovation for stating "I am indebted to Rachel Corrie for giving me the courage to stand in solidarity with oppressed people." At this time Webber added "Occupy Oakland has been in solidarity with Egypt," a reference to a number of occupy-sponsored Egypt events. And, when occupiers were first "kettled," or surrounded, by police during the weekend’s arrest, they expressed solidarity with the Arab Spring by chanting "Egypt and Oakland are one fist!" Jumping off of the connections vocalized by occupiers, Webber continued, "I don’t think it’s a stretch to extend our solidarity across the Rafah border."
At that, the assembly laughed, and shortly after the vote was counted.  Hugs and smiles were shared, and the group moved on to the next agenda item.
Khouri hopes the occupy movement will continue to press for more material BDS gains.
We hope this is the first step to building support and awareness about these critical issues, and that this proposal will be followed by similar proposals in other GA's. The process is simple and I would like to encourage those you involved in occupy movements throughout the country, to do the same.
Oakland is the first occupy movement general assembly to endorse BDS against Israel, and by extension, the first to formally endorse the Palestinian cause. 

Free Leonard Peltier Now! Rally Feb. 4, 2012 in Tacoma

Broken Treaties, Broken Promises
Free Leonard Peltier
Rally at Tacoma Courthouse

Members of Voices of Palestine Make the Connection

Jimbo Simmons, American Indian Movement
Activist Who Sailed in Gaza Flotilla
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Crowd of 300 at Free Leonard Peltier Rally

The Washington Post Calls This "Ushering" the Protestors Out of McPherson Park! What Do You Think?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Int'l Solidarity With Leonard Peltier, Sat. Feb. 4th, Tacoma




Portland Ave. Park (on Portland Ave. between E. 35th & E. Fairbanks. Take Portland Ave. exit off I-5 and head east)

1:00 PM: RALLY FOR JUSTICE U.S. Federal Court House, 1717-Pacific Ave.

Matilaja: Yu’Pik Eskimo from Mountain Village Alaska. Member of N.W. AIM since 1973, Friend of Leonard Peltier for 38 odd years and member of Tacoma Chapter LPDOC
Steve Hapy: Long time Leonard Peltier and Native struggles activist, Tacoma Chapter LPDOC
Leonard Peltier Honor Song:
AIM Warrior Society Drum
Dorothy Ackerman: Lakota Elder
Albert Combs and Coastal Hand Drum Singers
Deeahop Conway, Puyallup Tribal member, Tacoma Chapter LPDOC
Leonard's case and up-date;
Arthur J. Miller: Northwest Regional Organizer LPDOC, Tacoma Chapter LPDOC,  long time union member and human rights activist
Keynote Speaker:
Ramona Bennett: Puyallup Tribal Elder, Life long friend of Leonard Peltier, Grand Mother, Great Grand Mother
Chester Earl: Puyallup Tribal member
Zoltan Grossman: Evergreen State College faculty in Geography and Native Studies, in Olympia. former board member of Midwest Treaty Network in Wisconsin.
Claudia Serrato
Michael One Road: Portland Chapter LPDOC
Closing words:
David Duenas: Puyallup Tribal Member

Feb. 4, 2012 Regional March in Tacoma Facebook event pages please sign that you are coming and please invite your friends.

RESOLUTIONS FOR CLEMENCY: Leonard needs resolutions for clemency from Tribes, Unions, Human Rights Organizations and others. See a sample resolution at:
 For donations: Please make checks payable to the Leonard Peltier Defense/Offense Committee (mark them for NW March) and send them to: Tacoma Chapter LPODC, P.O. Box 5464, Tacoma, WA 98415.
 Join Tacoma Chapter LPDOC on facebook at: http://facebook.com/tacoma.lpdoc
Subscribe to: Northwest Peltier Support at: nwpeltiersupport-subscribe@lists.riseup.net   
For more information: www.whoisleonardpeltier.info
TACOMA CHAPTER, LPDOC, P.O. BOX 5464, TACOMA, WA 98415-0464. bayou@blarg.net