Sunday, February 05, 2012

Rachel Corrie Cited as Inspiration as Occupy Oakland Endorses BDS in Landside


However, occupiers did not need much convincing on why BDS should be endorsed. During comments, an occupier named Alessandro said, "I am fully in support of this proposal," continuing, "U.S. imperialism is the biggest oppression in the entire world and Israel is their number one client." This was echoed by another who received an ovation for stating "I am indebted to Rachel Corrie for giving me the courage to stand in solidarity with oppressed people." At this time Webber added "Occupy Oakland has been in solidarity with Egypt," a reference to a number of occupy-sponsored Egypt events. And, when occupiers were first "kettled," or surrounded, by police during the weekend’s arrest, they expressed solidarity with the Arab Spring by chanting "Egypt and Oakland are one fist!" Jumping off of the connections vocalized by occupiers, Webber continued, "I don’t think it’s a stretch to extend our solidarity across the Rafah border."
At that, the assembly laughed, and shortly after the vote was counted.  Hugs and smiles were shared, and the group moved on to the next agenda item.
Khouri hopes the occupy movement will continue to press for more material BDS gains.
We hope this is the first step to building support and awareness about these critical issues, and that this proposal will be followed by similar proposals in other GA's. The process is simple and I would like to encourage those you involved in occupy movements throughout the country, to do the same.
Oakland is the first occupy movement general assembly to endorse BDS against Israel, and by extension, the first to formally endorse the Palestinian cause. 

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