Sunday, September 17, 2006

Imperialism and the "Greater Middle East"

In order to achieve this end, the tyrants make use of local Quislings, who are willing to act as lieutenants to their masters and totally to neglect the interests of their own peoples. These substitute rulers can rely on the unfailing backing and support of the masters.

We can see a stark example of this in the harsh and rigid régime of the Wahabis who seized power in the Arabian peninsular and created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their rule is typified by ferocious restrictions on ordinary human life and liberty, and the refusal of any form of democracy as we know it in modern Europe. However, they know that they always have total support from the equally ruthless rulers of the USA. The Neo-con and Zionist tyrants have no qualms about giving total assistance to the Saudi rulers, whose state gave rise to such forms of terrorism as that exhibited by their former subject, Mr Oussama bin Laden, later more fully trained by the CIA.

Axis of Logic via Uruknet

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