Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scenes from an Iraki Childhood - Incident at Samra

This is Khalid Mohammed, he’s nine years old. The village he’s from is called Samra and it is 15 Kilometres north of Tikrit. Today Wednesday June 25th 2006 the Americans bombed his uncle’s house — those are the ruins you can see Khalid sitting on and crying. The American killed, Khalid’s uncle, his aunt, and four of their children who were aged between four and 11, 3 other children are seriously wounded.

The Americans are now trying to claim that there were no casualties from this attack. Oh really? Tell that to Khalid, tell it to his dead family members. And while you are at it explain to him why he and everyone else in the village were forced from their houses at gunpoint by American troops who, surprise, surprise, didn’t find their imaginary gunman from al-Qaeda in any of the houses. You can also explain to the survivors of the American bombing of their home why having killed their parents and siblings you prevented villagers from using their cars to evacuate the wounded to hospital.

Just another pack of lies, from the cowardly death squad in uniform that calls itself the American army.

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