Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hope For Gaza Convoy -- Sameh Habeeb

Update 2

Organizations and Reputable figures join the Convoy in Holland

Brussels, April 16th, 2009-(ECESG) - Days after the announcement of launching Hope for Gaza Convoy, many organizations and supporters joined the convoy in European countries. Hundreds of people and charitable organizations have expressed their readiness to leave with the convoy.

Humanitarian and Relief Coordinator, Amin Abu Rashed, said that many important organizations decided to participate in the "Hope for Gaza Convoy"

"We have secured a number of trucks loaded by many aids and medical kits for Gaza children. We expect to have more people and Organizations with us in few days."

In the Netherlands, Gretta Budesberg, one of the grassroots of supporters for Palestine also expressed her willingness to take part in the convoy leaving for Gaza early in May.

Budesberg is a grassroots supporter of Palestine and has been against Israeli occupation for a long time. She was even criticized for holding a flag of Palestine on her house.

Gretta tried many times to send hearing aid kits to Gaza through her charity but has failed. At the moment, she is trying to send some kits for the children through Jordan. Some of these will be delivered by her directly, as she plans to join the convoy.

The convoy is expected top leave Milan directly after the end of the 7th conference of Palestinians living in Europe. A considerable number of activists, officials from Europe and MPs would take part.

A number vans and trucks to leave Milan on the 3rd of May and sail from Genoa towards Alexandria in Egypt. Drivers will leave for Alexandria directly to drive their vans towards Gaza within 3 days of ships departure.

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