Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gaza Friends on the Flotilla to Gaza

We will soon have a new page added to our website called You
will be able to follow us as we journey to Gaza over the next two weeks. You
can watch our own 'video reports' twice a day, reports from the boats and from
Gaza. Everything on the page is connected to make it easier for you to access
TWITTER, Facebook, YouTube and FLICKR. Watch for it in the next day or so.

For the update on the boats, the Turkish passenger ship left yesterday from
Istanbul to the next port to pick up more passengers. The Irish/Malaysian ship,
the MV Rachel Corrie, is on her way to the Mediterranean. The Greek/Swedish
cargo ship, the passenger boat from the European Campaign and the Free Gaza
passenger boats are ready to leave Greece this week.

We will all meet in international waters off the coast of Gaza, turn and steam
into Gaza City port sometime between May 28 and June 1 depending on the

The Israelis are nervous.
The Palestinians from the occupied West Bank to Gaza to the diaspora are
The internationals are determined.
The boats are ready.
The world waits.


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