Saturday, April 30, 2011

U.S. And NATO Allies Initiate Libyan Scenario For Syria -- Rick Rozoff at Stop Nato

Apparently the U.S. & Israel do not want to franchise the killing of civilians in the Middle East to Syria and Libya. NATO already has that job. Obama has issued to Syria the same sanctions order he gave to Libya. Empire marches on. Linda


Washington seized $32 billion dollars worth of Libyan assets in the U.S., with
special emphasis placed on those belonging to "any person determined by the
Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of be a
senior official of the Government" or "to be a child of Colonel Muammar

Twenty-two days later bombing missions and missile attacks were unleashed
against Libya, initially under U.S. Africa Command's Operation Odyssey Dawn and
since March 31 through NATO's Operation Unified Protector, which are continuing
into their seventh week.

Libya and Syria are the only two Mediterranean nations and the sole remaining
Arab states that are not subordinated to U.S. and NATO designs for control of
the Mediterranean Sea Basin and the Middle East.

Neither has participated in NATO's almost ten-year-old Operation Active Endeavor
naval patrols and exercises in the Mediterranean Sea and neither is a member of
NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue military partnership which includes most regional
countries: Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania.
Lebanon is subject to a naval and internal (that is, on its border with Syria)
blockade run overwhelmingly by NATO nations under the post-2006 expanded United
Nations Interim Force in Lebanon mission.

Jordan and Morocco are supporting the NATO war against Libya and members of
another NATO partnership program - the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative - Qatar
and the United Arab Emirates, are supplying fighter-bombers for combat missions
over Libya. Fellow Istanbul Cooperation Initiative partner Kuwait announced on
April 24 that it will grant $180 million to pay the salaries of employees of the
rebel Transitional National Council in Libya.

With renewed efforts earlier this year to recruit Cyprus into NATO's Partnership
for Peace transitional program [2] - member Sweden, for example, has provided
eight Gripen warplanes for the campaign against Libya - Libya and Syria were
prospectively the last outposts of independence and non-alignment in the entire
Mediterranean region.

On April 24, Easter Sunday, three leading members of the patrician branch of the
U.S. regime (and effective modern-day proconsuls) - Senators John McCain, who
had just returned from meeting with Libyan insurgents in Benghazi, and Joseph
Lieberman and Lindsey Graham - appeared on CNN's "State Of The Union" program,
the first two live and the other in a segment taped two days before.

In what Americans and the rest of the world have come to accept as specimens of
U.S. foreign policy expertise, international diplomacy and seasoned
statesmanship, Lieberman stated that United Nations Security Council Resolution
1973 "gives justification if NATO decides it wants to, for going directly after
Gadhafi," and Graham added that "my recommendation to NATO and the
administration is to cut the head of the snake off, go to Tripoli, start bombing
Gadhafi's inner circle, their compounds, their military headquarters."

McCain and Graham are Republicans and Lieberman is a self-described independent
who caucuses with Democratic Party colleagues in the Senate and was the
Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2000. The once almost
second-in-command of the world's sole military superpower, to use Obama's
phrase, added: "You can't get into a fight with one foot." The transition from
republic to empire cost Rome the eloquence of Cicero. The United States has
nothing to lose on that score.

Graham, further working himself into a frenzy of unbridled bellicosity and not
to be outdone by his colleague in either fury or coarse bluster, asserted that
"the goal is to get rid of Gadhafi" and added "Let's get this guy gone."

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