Saturday, May 14, 2011

Palestinian Teen Martyred in Nakba Protest

A Palestinian teenager was martyred early Saturday after suffering a critical gunshot by Israeli occupation forces during a demonstration marking the Nakba day in east Al-Quds.

The teenager was identified as Milad Ayache, 17 years old. He was martyred after having emergency surgery at al-Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital in east Al-Quds.

Maher Ayache, the teen's uncle, said that his nephew was wounded in the stomach.

"He died after being shot in the stomach, we are taking the body for burial now," he told AFP news agency from the Hospital.

Israeli occupation police confirmed the details, claiming it was unknown who shot Ayache, adding that they had asked to autopsy the body, but were denied by the family.

Eight other people were injured during clashes in the eastern neighborhood of Silwan.

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