Friday, August 22, 2014

Anatomy of Ferguson’s Police Riot -- [Expect Them in Your Neighborhood Soon]

There was no warning. It was three hours before the state-imposed curfew. The demonstration was peaceful, yet all of a sudden police began throwing tear-gas canisters. People scattered in different directions. I saw two young shirtless men racing a woman in a wheelchair out of the tear gas. Someone screamed, “They gassed my baby” and another exclaimed, “They’re treating us like animals.” Spots that were considered safe, like the press area, were hit repeatedly. Police threw tear-gas canisters at fleeing crowds. There was no safe place to run to. There is no safe place for the people to assemble. The town of Ferguson is under siege."

No safe place.  Sounds like Gaza, right?  But it is in Ferguson.  And this is in America.  

We need to knit ourselves together and become a bulwark against this onslaught.  They are on the hill shooting down at us and we need to gather together and save  each other.  And by that action, prepare ourselves to stop our government from funding the genocide in Gaza and around the world.   Linda 

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