Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Blacks Have Always Had to Fight to Make Their Lives Matter in America" -- Bryan Bullock @blkagendareport



Globally, white former colonial powers get to colonize non-white people, bomb non-white people, destroy entire non-white countries and then the white citizens of those countries get to complain when those non-whites seek refuge in their white countries. Black devotees of “All lives matter” along with their white allies, don’t seem to notice that there was no “Jus Si Charlie” global moment for the killings of Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Tamir Rice, Rakia Boyd or for any of the countless other African Descendant people mowed down by state violence. Parisians didn’t change their Facebook pages in mass numbers to the pictures of Sandra Bland or to a picture of Flint. World leaders didn’t rush to America to stand in solidarity with the protestors in Baltimore and Ferguson or to condemn blue violence against black people. However, the Ferguson protestors and black people do have allies in places like Palestine. Leaders in the Hands Up Coalition report receiving tweets from young people in Palestine as they faced tanks on American soil. The Palestinians tweeted and texted them on how to construct makeshift face masks out of handkerchiefs to protect themselves from tear gas. No such advice came from Parisians, British or from most white Americans for that matter. The Palestinians understand what’s it like to live under oppressive conditions, but, more importantly, they understand the problems in using euphemisms and nice sounding words like “Peace Process.” “All lives matter,” like “peace process,” takes the focus away from the real problem and the responsibility away from those with the power. In Palestine, the issue is occupation, not peace. There can be no peace under occupation. In America, the issue is, as it always has been, anti-black racism and white supremacy. There has never been a time in this nation’s history where black lives were on equal par with white lives. In fact, there can be no equality of “lives”, in a racist society.

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