Thursday, March 19, 2009

Palestine Solidarity Project -- Arrest, Legal Updates

Due to the large number of arrests in Beit Ommar in the past two weeks, as well as the review of the detention of two PSP committee members, Mousa Abu Maria and Mohammed "Hamude" Abu Maria, we offer this short update.

The two international activists who were arrested on March 3, 2009 while documenting the occupation of a home in Beit Ommar were released with the condition that they stay out of the southern West Bank for 10 days.

Of the approximately 40 Palestinians who were arrested on March 11 during a day-long military incursion and curfew, approximately half, or 21, were released within 24 hours, having never even been processed as being arrested. They were released throughout the area, some in the middle of the night on the edges of settlements. 19 people, including PSP committee member and independent journalist Mohammed Awwad, were taken to Etzion prison where they were interrogated. Of those, 17 were released 6 days later without charges, in what was clearly an abusive show of force. 2 people remain in custody with unknown charges.
Mohammed Abu Maria, who was imprisoned in November, 2008 for a period of 4 months of administrative detention, without charge or trial, had his detention extended for an additional 4 months, at which time the Israeli intelligence services say they will not extend his detention. He is therefore expected to be released on July 8, 2009.

Mousa Abu Maria, who was imprisoned in April, 2008 for a period of 6 months, without charge or trial, which was then extended in October for an additional 5 months, has had his detention extended yet again for an additional 5 months. He, too, is being held in administrative detention and for the past week has been held in isolation. As more information becomes available in any of these cases, PSP will send updates.

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