Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Reformed IDF -- Nice to Know They're Out There -- Cheers!

Commenter on a Bob Herbert column telling the truth about the life of Robert MacNamara:
Actually, with their praise for your article, your compassion and humanity and criticism of the politicians -- and of the majorities in society who either support them or remain silent -- the earlier commentees have mentioned almost everything that needs to be said. As an ex-longtime officer in the Israeli army who underwent a long and painful ideological-emotional metamorphosis into a peace and human-rights activist I can only point out that the massive international support, in Europe as well as in the USA, for the Israeli state-ideology and policies shows how little has been learned from the past --and present: the brutal oppression of the Palestinians continues, and the psychological warping of one generation of (Jewish)Israelis after another makes a peaceful solution more difficult to achieve.

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