Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update on Leonard's Hearing Today -- "Feeling Is It Was a Fair Hearing"

Greetings from Lewisburg, PA. As you know, Leonard's parole hearing
was today. The attorney Eric Seitz is very hopeful about the outcome
of the hearing. The government brought nothing new to the table
and made it clear that their position is that LP should never be
released despite his being eligible for parole. That, of course,
is about nothing but revenge. Peter Matthiessen ("In the Spirit
of Crazy Horse") was a witness today. He's attended many of the
hearings, appeals, etc., over the years. He felt the examiner was
attentive and open to what was being said on LP's behalf. He's also
feeling positive. We're also told Leonard handled the Q&A (for
about 45 minutes) very well. Unfortunately, there's nothing further
to report. The examiner said he'd like some time before making
a recommendation. We expect that Leonard will be notified of the
recommendation within the next 24-48 hours. This is progress, folks.
Normally a denial is made and immediately, sometimes even before LP's
lawyers have even finished their presentation. Overall, the feeling
is that Leonard received a fair hearing. Keep up those prayers
for a positive outcome. Ultimately, of course, the full Parole
Commission will make the final decision. We'll keep you posted.

Time to set him free... Because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Friends of Peltier

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