Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"Death of War Criminals Over the Carpathian Mountains" -- Kawther Salam



Ch 53

The justice of heaven intervened to relieve the children of Gaza and Lebanon from the war crimes of six Israeli zionists of the IAF. It is divine justice which wanted the zionists murderers to die on the Romanian Carpathian Mountains, to shred their bodies into small pieces just as they did to the undefended children of Gaza and Lebanon, who they bombarded with tons of cluster bombs and phosphorous. The providence has intervened to put an end to these war criminals and to comfort thousands of children, women, elderly and other innocent victims from their crimes. The skies intervened after human justice was paralyzed and buried by corrupt governments worldwide.

Rather than prosecuting the Israeli war criminals who were in Romania, Germany, UK, Rom-mouFrance, the EU and many other countries which have signed international agreements and conventions against genocide, war crimes and violations of human rights, these regimes looked away. These are states which present themselves as states of law where the human rights, international agreements and accords, where laws are enacted and where rights of the individual are protected. These regimes signed military “war” agreements with the “State of the Israel”, the occupators of Palestine, and continue receiving the commanders of the cluster and phosphorous bombs to train them so that they can perpetrate more war crimes and terrorism against the occupied Palestinian nation and the neighboring countries. Simply said, these regimes are complicit of genocide and war crimes perpetrated by the “State of Israel”.


CH-53 helicopter dropping IDF over Carpathian Mountains.

The death of the IAF war criminals in the Yasur crash over the Carpathian Mountains of Romania exposed the shameful agreements which European regimes have signed behind the back of their nations. It is a blot of shame on Romania, EU, Nato, and also a blot of shame on their justice authorities of these countries, as it shows ever more clearly that the purpose and intention of these regimes is not to comply with enacted laws and signed treaties against the most egregious crimes which are known, these being genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, but to protect these criminals of the worst kind.

For the last two years, after the “second Lebanon war” and Gaza massacre, the Israeli RomanianAir Force criminals have increased the number of joint exercises with the air forces of NATO and other countries. These exercises are designed to prepare the Israeli air force for a new “war” against the Palestinians jailed in the Gaza concentration camp, to allow them their combat pilots to practice for future crimes against neighboring countries like Lebanon, Syria and Iran. The Israel military is training intensively in combat tactics suited to Lebanon, with the aim of lunching another war and achieving “better” results in their next “war”, or rather, atrocity.

Last year the Israeli IAF took part in a “Red Flag” exercise with the US Air Force. Two months ago they took part in an exercise over Crete Island in Greece. Some exercises were also with NATO's advanced facilities. Other exercises took place in Eastern Europe, allowing the Israeli Air Force training flights with air defense systems. In 2008, the Israeli Air Force took part in a large-scale exercise with hundreds of fighters, rescue helicopters and refueling planes over the Aegean Sea, the training scenario was a large-scale attack. The exercise was done in collaboration with the Greek Air Force.

Last Monday six IAF war criminals and a Romanian officer, Captain Stefan-Claudiu Dragnea, age 31, died in the crash of a CH-53 helicopter nicknamed "Shearwater”, in the Fundata-Zarnesti area of central Brasov County near the township of Bran. The Israelis killed in the crash were a group of war criminals from the Lebanon attack in 2006 and the Gaza massacre of 2009 (“Operation Cast Lead”). The IAF officers were supposed to take part in a planned Israeli war against Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Before their travel to Romania, they participated during the last half week in a joint exercise of the “Petrels” squadrons of the Israeli Air Force in Tel Nof. They also spent long hours in the forest area south of Mount Carmel. In the natural terrain around the Elyakim training base, where the army has constructed outposts resembling as closely Hezbollah's extensive system of bunkers and emplacements in nature of southern Lebanon, which the IDF failed to cope with during the Second Lebanon War.

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