Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Summer Camps? When will the UN bring Human Rights to Palestine?" -- from Occupied Palestine Blog

"Annual UN-backed Summer Games to give Gaza’s children ‘a chance to be kids’"

This is the headline of an article posted on the News section of the United Nations on 16 June 2011: The United Nations-backed Summer Games for children have begun in the Gaza Strip in an annual attempt by its organizers to Give the kids of Gaza a chance to be kids

The Nations have United sunk below any level of humanity and display an utterly magnum opus of ignorance for the real suffering. Creating this anual event while stating children will be “allowed” for a while to be a kid. That is when they are not kidnapped, arrested or bombed at night.

UN, which was founded to achieve it’s missions to ensure peacekeeping, intermediate in conflicts, achieve human rights and possibilities to effectiate them as well, fight against drugs, crimes, environmental disasters, hence the list seems to be endless but for whom is interested in the exhausting “efforts” of UN a complete list of missions can be found here.

Let’s see what the UN/UNRWA has done for Palestine and lets begin where it started 63 years ago.

for more examples of UN "help", go to link below:

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