Wednesday, November 05, 2014

#DCFerguson and Kenny Nero, Jr: On the Front Lines of Fighting Police Terror in Washington

Connections are being made.
Why did you decide to organize and participate in a protest demonstration at the September 24, 2014 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Legislative Weekend?
The purpose of this rally was to draw national and international attention to the Congressional Black Caucus, a bourgeois entity that continues to betray the interest of the people they claim to represent. 
Here is what they support:
  1. continued U.S. funding to Israel and its slaughter of the people of Gaza/Palestine
  2. Its vote against net neutrality, and
  3. continued funding to militarize the police in African-American communities. 
The CBC does not represent the interests of African/black people. See link to video of the CBC demonstration:
#DC Ferguson demonstration:
Credits: Cheikh Ra of |
Kenny Nero, Jr. can be reached via twitter at @kenerojr.

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