Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Cindy Sheehan's Facebook Post After the Apparent Trump Win -- RIGHT ON, CINDY!



Maybe Sanders could have beaten Trump, but these are some of the reasons he wasn't the nominee for the DNC:
1) the DNC cheated
2) Sanders refused to hammer Clinton on her immense weaknesses...instead always insisting that he would support his "good friend" IF she got the nomination.
3) Sanders did not fight for the "political revolution" but instantaneously succumbed to the political counter-revolution.
4) Sanders sold out his voters after the DNC eviscerated them.
5) "I am tired of hearing about those damn emails." (WOW)
6) He's always supported the warmongering Democraps.

The Democrats care as much about YOU as the Republicans do. Fuck both of the parties and grab your pitchforks and torches. This shit is real and the entire world has been suffering at the hands of the US Empire forever, so suck it up Buttercup. 

"Don't mourn, organize" (Joe Hill)

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