Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dear Americans

From this woman's Facebook:

May I say I totally agree with her assessment.  Linda

Dear Americans,

I understand some of you are very worried about the election of Donald Trump. But I want you think about this:

First they went for Yugoslavia, and you didn't worry: a country died

Then they went for Afghanistan and you didn't worry: 220,000 Afghans have died.

Then, they went for Iraq, and you didn't worry: 1 million Iraqis died.

Then they went for Libya, and you didn't worry: 30,000 to 50,000 people died. Did you worry when Qaddafi was murdered with a bayonet up his rectum? No. And someone even laughed.

Then they went for Ukraine, and you didn't worry: 10,000 people died and are dying.

Then they went for Syria, and you didn't worry: 250,000 people died

Then they went for Yemen: over 6,000 Yemenis have been killed and another 27,000 wounded. According to the UN, most of them are civilians. Ten million Yemenis don’t have enough to eat, and 13 million have no access to clean water. Yemen is highly dependent on imported food, but a U.S.-Saudi blockade has choked off most imports. The war is ongoing.

Then there is Somalia , and you don't worry

Then there are the countries that reaped the fallout from the collapse of Libya. Weapons looted after the fall of Gaddafi fuel the wars in Mali, Niger, and the Central African Republic.

Now you are worried about yourselves, but there are only the dead and their survivors left for whom you didn't speak up for.

Give me one reason why anybody should worry about you, who seem to believe that only you count because you are Americans.

My very best wishes for your precious safety and comfort and may you continue to look in the mirror and see no one there. Trust me, a mirror does not lie.

One who does not worry about you.

PS By the way the butcher bill I am here presenting is very conservative on the body count and does not include the wounded, the homeless, the refugees, or the cost of the wars to you, who continue to believe that before Trump the world was a nice and comfortable place--for you.

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