Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Cape Town Opera Say NO, again! [in Tel Aviv]" -- Great Effort by These Folks, Though!

from "In Occupied Palestine" listserve
In July 2005, a new measure was taken by Palestinians in their fight against occupation and Apartheid: a public call for academic and atistic boycott of Israel, until it abides by international law and decisions.

In November 2010, the Cape Town Opera House decided to breach this boycott and perform Porgy and Bess in Tel Aviv, in spite of a specific request from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. After a flash mob action at the entrance to the Tel Aviv Opera on premier night did not convince them to back down -- Israeli activists returned for another round of singing anti-Apartheid versions of the Gershwin songs. This time, to the performers themselves. In spite of police and private guard intervention, the message was passed. We can only hope that future artists will accept the boycott, and support the Palestinian fight for freedom.


and the living ain't easy
Apartheid, and the Wall is so high
Oh, the World stands by
and the US in funding
So it's time for us people
to shout out and cry
Cape town Opera say NO
It ain't necessarily so
Apartheid could end
If you comprehend
and not just go on with the show
Boycott Apartheid, Boycott Apartheid
It's time to tell Israel NO
Boycott Apartheid, Boycott Apartheid
It's time to tell Israel NO!

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