Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27 in Seattle -- Remembering Gaza

UPDATE: Our friend Elliot Stoller did take pictures. Please see them here:

Hello, Gaza.

I have no pictures because I was carrying too many things on our vigil/walk this evening. An umbrella, a lantern against the dark and a sign.

Seattle did remember and pay homage to Gaza and the gaping hole left in you by the 2008-2009 massacre by Israel.

50 people who remember Gaza sought to help the rest of Seattle remember too. There were television cameras there who did record the cries of the people repeated by the 50.

Red signs saying "1400 Dead" "Remember" and my white sign about "Free Bethlehem" to let the people know that all Palestinians are in some sort of prison and want to be free.

We remember you, Gaza, and the land you belong to, Palestine. It will be free; you will be free or none of us will be free.

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