Tuesday, July 04, 2006

12,000 Children Will Starve To Death Today

"According to a United Nations report, “every seven seconds a child dies from starvation.” About 12,000 per day.

"The press would need several special editions or have to add 60 more pages to each edition in order to superficially report the names, which they have; their faces, which are real; and the agonized and despairing families of those 12,000 cadavers who have no mourners nor headlines, no history, for whom no one organizes anniversary masses or tributes. These 12,000 little ones dead each day at the hands of a rotten economic order sold to us as progress, whose laws protect the solidity of its immune building, and which terrorizes via its monetary gangs the deposed government of life."

From Granma--Cuba, LeftI on the News. Eli has more to say on the subject.

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