Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Letter to Lebanon's Prime Minister--Mike Whitney

What type of man would put out the “red carpet” for his enemy while his people are still being slaughtered in the field?

A simple phone call to the State Department could have stopped the Secretary from landing in Lebanon. How much courage does that take?

If you were a brave man you would have placed the Secretary and her entire entourage under “house arrest” demanding that Israel stop its “scorched earth” campaign before releasing Rice and her people. But, we do not expect you to do the “courageous thing”, just the “decent thing”.

No one expects you to join the resistance and fight the butchers who have invaded your country from the south. No one expects you to risk your life to show your love for Lebanon or your willingness to die for your countryman. But why would you humiliate yourself by posing with the very people who have devastated your homeland and killed your country’s children? Is your dignity worth so little that you would grovel at Israel/America’s feet for a villa in the Riviera and a pocket full of silver?

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