Thursday, July 20, 2006

Repugs More Pwopressive Than the Pwogs on Iraq?

Seen on WTF is it Now.

"Faced with almost daily reports of sectarian carnage in Iraq, congressional Republicans are shifting their message on the war from speaking optimistically of progress to acknowledging the difficulty of the mission and pointing up mistakes in planning and execution. '

"Rep. Christopher Shays (Conn.) is using his House Government Reform subcommittee on national security to vent criticism of the White House's war strategy and new estimates of the monetary cost of the war. Rep. Gil Gutknecht (Minn.), once a strong supporter of the war, returned from Iraq this week declaring that conditions in Baghdad were far worse "than we'd been led to believe" and urging that troop withdrawals begin immediately. '

Of course, it's probably this (from Downing Street site):

"Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney listed a few recent news headlines to illustrate that even the Supreme Court and the Pentagon are now admitting that the opponents of the president's policy in Iraq have been right all along."

"But Congresswoman Barbara Lee warned, "Our efforts will be in vain if we're not vigilant ... Politically motivated, cosmetic troop draw-downs may begin as the November election approaches."

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