Saturday, October 28, 2006

Last Picture of US Activist Photographer Killed In Oaxaca

Last photograph of Bradley Roland Will alive, five seconds
before he received two sniper's shots in the stomach
during the ongoing revolt in Oaxaca.

Brad was from New York, participated in a housing
occupation,sued the police for arresting him, won
a settlement and traveled with the money around
the world filming working class uprisings
and peasant revolts.

He was recently in Bolivia, Venezuela,
Argentina...always covering class struggle.

He was connected with Indymedia NY.
Picture and Text from

Update: There are comments on this article, but the link isn't showing it. Some glitch on blogspot, I guess.


TourPro said...

Sniper shots? Where did you get that? Hasn't been reported even by Indymedia.

News and Information - Oaxaca - Watch

LJansen said...

Tourpro: I attributed the text and picture in the article to

Here are some other links I got from Arthur Miller of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee:

News stories on the killings are available on the web
sites of Indymedia (, NarcoNews (, the Mexico City daily La
Jornada (, El

For more information, call (212) 460-0983 or (917)