Friday, March 23, 2007

Husaam's Story--From "A Family in Baghdad"

"Then they told me that Husaam loves the daughter of the mosque's imam, of a village near Fallujah, and his mother went to ask for her hand in marriage, at his request, because he loved her for a year now, and he heard in the neighborhood that someone else intends to ask for her hand, so he decided to go first…I laughed when I heard the story; this means that people there in Fallujah, in spite of the misery, the poverty, the devastation, the killings and the explosions, that they still had hearts for love?

"By God I felt very happy for them; I learned that his mother bought candles, Henna and chocolates in preparation for the weeding, after the girl's father, (her name is Nadda), agreed to her marriage to the groom, Husaam…Husaam was very happy; he decided to start a carpenter's shop, after the marriage…When I heard the news I laughed, my heart filling with joy. I said to them: well, well, thank God we can hear news of love, engagements, and happiness in Fallujah. I always hear only the sad stories about you; this person died, that person's house fell on top of him…all stories of disasters…

"Well, well…They bought new bed-room furniture for Husaam, I am sure his mother borrowed money to buy it, for I know for sure she hasn't enough for these new expenses. And I learned she emptied one of the house rooms for him to live in with his bride…The wedding was supposed to take place two weeks ago, but it was postponed. The American troops bombarded a house of Husaam's relatives in Anbar Province; the family settled for the night as a whole; a father, a mother, and six sons and daughters. Then, in the morning, the house was already bombarded under suspicion of terrorism. The father, the mother, and a number of the boys and girls were dead. Only three orphaned girls remained, crying, not knowing what to do?

Their aunt came and took them to live with her, for they no longer had a family or a home…Husaam's wedding was postponed because of that incident… he couldn't get married and be happy, while his relatives were dead…I kept thinking; what gift should I send for him? And at last, I sent him a book of the Holy Quran, with two bottles of perfume, one for him, and one for his bride…

To find out the end of the story, go to the linked blog and scroll down to Husaam's Story

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