Saturday, March 24, 2007

UN Secretary General Says Koreans Are the Jews of Asia

March 23, 2007

Pity that the Iraqi resistance missed him, Al-Akhbar newspaper translated parts of Y’Net Israeli newspaper [Hebrew edition] interview with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

For 60 years the United Nations didn’t witness a secretary-general so sympathize with Israel as Ban Ki-Moon revealing that he gave the the Israeli representative to the United Nations "Dan Gillerman" his private mobile phone, so they can talk in the evenings and in the weekend.

During the interview, Ki-Moon said that his love to Israel is similar to South Korea, pointing out is that Koreans are the "Jews of Asia".

Also he said that he was impressed with achievements of a small country as Israel and it is similar to the achievements of South Korea, both undergone many wars and difficult enemies.

The newspaper said that Ki-Moon put in his office photos of his meetings with families of Israeli soldiers prisoned by Hizballah.

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