Monday, March 26, 2007

Senior Peace Marchers Dragged Out of St. Pat's Parade by Police

[COLORADO SPRINGS] "Kyndra Wilson, a Springs resident and witness stunned by how police responded, says the parade's policy appeared hypocritical.

"There were Hooters girls there," she says, raising concern for her daughter. "Don't get me started on the social message there."
"A Colorado Springs police officer points a Taser stun gun in an apparent crowd-control effort. Though paradegoers claimed to have heard clicking noises from the gun, a police spokesperson says the officer never fired.

"My goodness gracious, who are they kidding?" Cordaro asks. "They had Democratic and Republican candidates in the parade. More than that, they had uniformed military personnel representing armed forces. They even had young children dressed in military clothing. So if pro-war is a non-political statement and peace is a political and social statement, then there is something very, very wrong with the cultural climate of Colorado Springs."
Fineron worries about the broader message.

"There's something in this town that we can't say the word "peace,'" she says. "We heard a policeman — I don't know who it was — say that it was very inappropriate. What do you mean, the word "peace' is inappropriate? People can differ on how they want to get there, but isn't that why the soldiers are there — to bring peace to the Middle East? To bring peace in the world?
"Don't we all hope for peace eventually?"

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