Sunday, July 02, 2006

Liberalism Heads Back to the Barn

"It's too bad a man of McGovern's acknowledged compassion and history of dissent against reckless imperialism and championship of worker rights, feels obligated to help hoist American liberalism's flag of surrender to global capital. It has become the typical response of liberal Democrats and most U.S. Labor leaders, when they come up against corporate America's definition of 'reality,' not to challenge it but to adjust to it."

From excellent Counterpunch article, "McGovern Hoists the White Flag" by Jerry Tucker.

Then there's this:

"Former Vice President Walter Mondale said Friday he supports a pre-emptive U.S. strike against a North Korean missile, saying the U.S. should tell North Korea to dismantle the missile or "we are going to take it out."


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