Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hizbullah's Victory Has Transformed the Middle East--George Galloway

"The Arab world is waking up to its potential power. It has seen the
Iraqis confound Anglo-American efforts to recolonise their country,
the unbreakability, whatever the cost, of the Palestinian
resistance, and now the success of Hizbullah. If there is no
settlement there can only be war, war and more war, until one day it
is Tel Aviv which is on fire and the Israeli leaders' intransigence
brings the whole state down on their heads. Nor is it only Israel
that will pay the price for continued conflict: the enduring
injustice of Palestinian dispossession has already poisoned
western-Muslim relations and helped spill violence and hatred on to
our own streets. There is still time to choose peace. But make no
mistake, with the victory of Hizbullah, a terrible beauty is born."

Found on Ali Abunimah (Electronic Lebanon)

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