Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You Are G8; We Are 6 Billion--But...

"We" also had the numbers this summer when it came to who did and didn't support Israel's recent assault on the Lebanese populace. Outside of aselect few in Israel, Great Britain, and the United States, the vast majority of our planet's human population were vociferously against the actions of the Israeli government and its U.S.-funded armed forces. But once again, the numbers just didn't add up. As long as America's ruling elite avoided any mention of a ceasefire, Lebanon remained doomed to its fate-no matter how many of us didn't like it. In these and countless other cases, "we" have had the numbers. "We" still have the numbers. Morrison's "they," however, give no indication they'll be surrendering their guns any time soon.

As a result, dissent in America is pretty much limited to marches, protests, boycotts, petitions, Michael Moore documentaries, the occasional vote for a third party candidate, and articles like this one. All of these methods (at least in their safe-for-mass-consumption versions) are deemed "legal" by those with the guns and, in their own way, legitimize the power held by those with the guns. Thus, all such tactics are ultimately impotent in terms of provoking systemic, long-term change. If you don't believe me, ask yourself why you haven't taken your rebellion beyond the methods listed above. Your answer is likely the same as mine: "We've got the numbers, but they've got the guns."

Maybe author Derrick Jensen had it right when he said:
"We still think we have something to lose. That's what's stopping us. As soon as we realize we have nothing left to lose we'll be dangerous."
After all, as Jim Morrison sang: "No one here gets out alive.

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