Tuesday, November 21, 2006

George McGovern: A Way Out of Iraq

Former Senator and U.S. presidential candidate George McGovern came to Capitol Hill to advocate for a responsible exit from Iraq. He spoke at an event organized by the Congressional Progressive Caucus of staffers and advocates on November 16, 2006 in the Congress. He was joined by his colleague and co-author, Professor William Polk, who has broad foreign policy experience, particular understanding of insurgencies to occupation as well as expertise on Iraq, a country he first visited in 1946.

McGovern said they wrote their book, "Out of Iraq," in order to "try and bring American policy closer to reality." Both had been on the lecture circuit and saw that Americans recognized that "Iraq was a disastrous blunder." Further, a "substantial percentage of the U.S. military know this as well." But, at the same time people feel trapped concluding "now that we're there we can't just leave." Many people feel that if we leave things will get worse. So, they realized that what was needed was a systematic withdrawal plan that would increase the likelihood of a positive outcome and decrease the risk of increased violence.

They describe a six month plan for responsibly getting out of Iraq and providing the resources to reduce the violence after the U.S. leaves. McGovern describes it as a "down to earth disengagement plan to reduce the turbulence and reduce the hatred of the United States." He concludes that the American occupation is the cause of much of the trouble and the violence will reduce shortly after the U.S. leaves. At the same time he notes, "we are realists and it will not solve all the problems."

By Kevin Zeese on Counterpunch.org
as was the Joe Mowbrey one below about the Progressive Nightmare.

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