Thursday, January 25, 2007

Letter from Baghdad

The family that are now left in Baghdad are in such a desperate hopeless situation and
still urgently trying to find ways to leave.
The fighting is all around and they just never leave their houses
or even go into their gardens! It is just so dangerous even to go outside the door.

Many people in Baghdad now pay others to take the risk of buying their shopping
and in fact doing anything outside their homes.
There are many poor who will take this risk as there is no work and many many
people are nearly starving or actually starving. It's just unbelievable that this is happening.
People are not going to work or schools.
Many cannot get to work and want to.
These are the doctors and nurses and hospital workers that are left..
Many don't even try because they are too afraid and have families
and don't want to die and leave them defenceless too.
Also patients get angry with them in the hospitals because they are afraid their loved ones will die through lack of medical equipment, and even water, and their anger is often directed at the doctors and medical staff because of their despair and grief.
My niece said doctors are afraid to give our their names to anyone now.

People are holed up in their homes in terror and fear and sit listening to the
bombing and fighting all around and are terribly afraid of what is coming.
This major ruined capitol city has been under air attack hundreds probably thousands of times and again is under daily attack by air and ground troops right now.
It must be just so horrific to actually be there with young children,and the sick and wounded unable to go to hospitals for help....and indeed what help is there?
What in God's name are we doing?

The only communication for the people with the outside world is by their mobile phones and their words and real fear and shaking voices leave us in tears.
We feel utter despair and real grief for them.

We cannot think of any way at all to stop this and indeed to our shame there is no way.
It is a living hell and nightmare and huge crime against innocent decent beautiful,
warm hearted and a most generous wonderful people.

We have reduced them to dust in their hundreds of thousands..probably at least
one million if you include those dying of lack money, of food, clean water, medicines vaccines,and the bombed sewage systems all damaged for years now etc.

Some people have forgotten the message of the Holocaust which was to remember....... That this should never be allowed to happen again!
It has and is happening now.
Shame on us as a Christian country.

We send our warmest thanks for your excellent support and best wishes to you again.
Dr and Mrs Carole A______.

Sent to Sasha who went to Baghdad before the US invasion

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