Saturday, February 24, 2007

5-Yr Old Palestinian Girl Frightened to Death by IDF

"Five year old girl, Ebtisam Al-Tardh, terrified to death after Israeli occupation forces abducted her father

"PNN, (Hebron) Palestine News Network Saturday, 24 February 2007

"Late last night a five year old girl died in the southern West Bank after a struggle in the hospital. The Palestinian Prisoner Society's Hebron branch issued the details on Saturday that cite the cause of her death as terror.

"As is a common occurrence during arrest campaigns, Israeli occupation forces raided the family home as they slept. The soldiers were loud and violent, tearing through personal belongings, throwing furniture, shoving family members, holding them all at gunpoint.

"PPS reports that during arrests Israeli occupation forces generally use jeeps or tanks, break down doors, fire tear gas and bullets, bring in dogs and beat people.

"The Director of PPS in Hebron, Amjad Al-Najjar, is following the case. “The conduct of occupation soldiers is that of pirates. They engage in persecution and violate international law, human rights and religious values. These hostile operations crush people, particularly children.”

"The invasions frighten the toughest of adults who know they may not live through them. And it is well documented how psychologically damaging the midnight raids are for children.

"At the beginning of the month Israeli occupation forces broke into the Al-Tardh family home. Five and a half year old Ebtisam was terrified as soldiers screamed at her and her siblings, forcing them all outside into the cold. In front of the children, Israeli forces arrested their father. The young girl went into an apparent shock and was taken to the hospital. She never recovered.

"And although his daughter is dead, Ibrahim Al-Tardh remains in Israeli occupation prison, suffering himself from heart disease and in urgent need of health care.

Story found on DesertPeace blog.

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