Monday, February 19, 2007

Patrol moves out to secure downtown Edmonds

We've secured the main artery into Edmonds.
We've got a checkpoint here at Main street and Sunset ave.
where it runs into the ferry dock.
The wind is blowing my laptop around in my lap.
People are having to stand behind the banners and lean into them
The natives are sympathisizing with our wind difficulties.

There are about 3 flags flapping on every block of
sidewalks downtown so you know the USA is popular here.
Be sure to thank Rory's Pub and Broiler for the free wifi next
time you come by.

OK, we still have some work to do winning over the natives.
The un-named coffee shop I'm sitting in front of has a boss who drove by.
He didn't like our signs blocking his shop window. Luckily a few of our
members speak the native tongue and We moved over.

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