Saturday, May 19, 2007

US Troops Need to Leave Iraq and Afghanistan Now

Photo: Mohammed Ihssan, age 7, is treated for injuries in Kirkuk, Iraq, Friday, May 18, 2007. Mohammed was wounded when unknown gunmen opened fire on a police vehicle, killing a policeman and injuring his brother, while he was playing nearby. (AP Photo/Emad Matti)

Found on Iraq Today website

And another story on the same website about the orphans in Baghdad:

"There is no future for any Iraqi people. Not just for the orphan babies, for all the Iraqi people. We don’t have any future." Red Crescent worker, Quammer al-Janni

"Other than the orphanages, will anyone take these children?

"'No," says Quammer al-Janni, who coordinates orphan programs for the Red Crescent, the Arab Red Cross.

"The Iraqi government does little to help. In Iraqi culture, orphans are mostly scorned — and seldom adopted.

"They're scared. Many of them are angry — and more violent than other kids.

"'I think I am going to cry," Quammer says. "Because I have nothing to do for them. I have nothing to say for them."

"Adults who work with orphans here are scared for them — and for Iraq. They say, "Don't forget Saddam Hussein was raised as an orphan."

"The last time Fahad saw his parents, militiamen were taking them to their death. A Sunni Muslim, he won't play with Shia children.

"Another child Strassmann met, Ayaat, is a Shia, who says she can't live with Sunnis.

"This is how it begins.

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