Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Former Seattle Black Panther Opposing Cantwell

In a news advisory about his candidacy, the Dixon campaign said he is running because "Mr. Dixon believes Sen. Cantwell's positions -- and votes -- on crucial issues such as peace and war, fair trade and corporate control, as well as civil liberties vs. unchecked government surveillance, are no longer representing the majority of Washington State residents."

Aaron Dixon will be announcing his US senate candidacy tomorrow at the 23rd & Jackson Recruiting Station at 10 a.m. Thursday. Cantwell's going down for supporting the war. Yes!


LJansen said...

Seems pretty "ironic" that the UW polysci professor says Cantwell is such a big environmentalist. How about all the depleted uranium she is throwing into Iraq via the military she supports so heartily. A little NIMBY'ism going on here? Also wonder how she feels about the pollution the military spews in our own backyard, for which they get all kinds of waivers from Congress.

doug said...

It's interesting that Green Party School Board President Brita Butler-Wall will be speaking at the Press conference announcing Aaron Dixon's candidacy. It was about a year and a half ago that she spoke at another local event for another Green Party candidate, David Cobb. David Cobb is, of course, the famous bookmark used by a faction within the Greens to keep Ralph Nader from gaining their 2004 Presidential nomination. Sally Soriano, who was Ralph Nader's Washington State campaign organizer, is the other Green Party School Board member, endorsing Dixon. Are the two wings of the Green Party joining forces behind Aaron Dixon? Has the Green Party overcome the fear of Bush, lesser-evil paralysis that gripped it just two years ago?
If the Dixon campaign is more than just a token effort, it appears the answer might be yes.
-Doug Nielson

doug said...

According to Geov Parrish's preachy article in the Seattle Weekly, Aaron Dixon's campaign against Cantwell is "politically meaningless".

Neil Modie of the P-I, on the other hand, considers Dixon a "potent threat".
How to explain the discrepancy?

Chris said...

Parrish is very often full of baloney. I think this campaign needs our full support. I was of course hoping Brian Derdowski would have run against Cantwell as a Republican, but this will have to do.

doug said...

Excuse me!
Geov now agrees with the P.I.. Dixon is an "impressive candidate". See it on his blog