Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stand Up Seattle Forces Liberals to Face-up to Pro-War Cantwell

"McDonough said he does find it "somewhat inexplicable" that Cantwell won't mollify her angry antiwar constituents by saying her vote for the war was a mistake, but he also said he's paying more attention to President Bush's approval rating, which he sees as the prime indicator in the race."


LJansen said...

I didn't think Kerry had repudiated his vote to invade, but this democratic blogger took the statement in this link as proof he had.

merle said...

this is a marginally good
commentary (stranger's) to
our effort - -
i'd like to put all to
quiz as to if they
might surmise the writers
of this veiw - -
. . .
It must have been a bit uncomfortable for Sen. Maria Cantwell to share the same Seattle stage with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, not because he is among the Democratic Party's most telegenic rising young stars but because he is critical of the Bush administration's rush to war, while she supported it.
Cantwell has said she doesn't think her vote for the war was a mistake. A few months ago, she stunned [ us ] talking of "our successes in Iraq."
Her Republican challenger, Mike McGavick, is unlikely to campaign against a war that is the cornerstone of a Republican administration.
But Cantwell can hardly campaign against a war her vote sanctioned, even though a large portion of the U.S. electorate and a decidedly larger portion of her own constituents are unhappy with the course of the war and President Bush's handling of it. It's a campaign issue that could bleed votes from the traditional Democratic base.
But Cantwell may be able to benefit both her re-election prospects and the nation's foreign policy. She helped lead us into this war; now it's incumbent on Cantwell to help lead us out of it.
If Cantwell is simply wedded to a stay-the-course strategy in Iraq, she's lost touch with her constituents on the central foreign policy issue.
If, however, she recognizes that we're in a quagmire that will continue to drain U.S. blood and treasure, Cantwell should bring a legitimate voice to the debate on how to best get out of Iraq.

it is kinda wishy washy but gets
to showing a level that her
campaign may be dragging her to.
dixon may respond that he sat
thru her appearance at G.H.S.
to hear something from her as
to other than her educational
program aims - - but, by sus
making the headlines it's
unfortunate he didn't in turn
walk against the talk that
obama made as to some pol like
himself did not vote for the
war - - dixon atleast should of
countered that he's nat about
warring with iran either.
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