Saturday, March 04, 2006

H.S. Students Support Teacher Disciplined for Provocative Comments

The article linked below has more info on what the teacher said. A student taped part of the class and went on the radio to publicize what he called "political rants" by his teacher.
"During the talk, Bennish compared statements made by Bush to those of Hitler, wondered whether other countries should have the right to bomb U.S. tobacco fields because of the damage cigarettes do in their societies, called the war in Iraq an illegal invasion and said the definition of a terrorist is in the eye of the beholder."

The teacher is on administrative leave at this point.


doug said...

I sent the principal an email:

Subject:Take Jay Bennish off administrative leave.

Dear Principal Frieler,
Please take Jay Bennish off administrative leave. He has done nothing to deserve this punishment.
My son doesn't go to your high school, but if he did I would gladly have him in Jay Bennish's class.

*If Bennish's lawsuit goes forward, I will definitely send him a

Please put this excellent teacher back in the classroom where he belongs,stimulating his pupils to think.

Doug Nielson

Anonymous said...

The principal has taught the students that there is NO right to free speech in this country.