Sunday, March 12, 2006

Why Iran Oil Bourse Cannot Break the Buck (It's Still Up to Us)

"A full challenge to the domination of the US dollar as the world central-bank reserve currency entails a de facto declaration of war on the "full-spectrum dominance" of the United States today. The mighty members of the European Central Bank Council well know this. The heads of state of every EU country know this. The Chinese leadership as well as the Japanese and Indians know this. So does Russian President Vladimir Putin."

In this article in Asia Times, the author explains why Iran's institution of a bourse (stock exchange) using Euros rather than dollars cannot be the reason the US is threatening Iran. He also explains what the real origins of the Iranian bourse are. I have mixed feelings about the idea that Iran cannot take the US and its military machine down on March 20 when their bourse is supposed to open. Guess it is still up to us, the citizens of the US, to stop our rampaging corporate military juggernaut.

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Tom said...

In economic terms, an Iranian Oil Bourse represents a much greater threat to the U.S. than an Iranian nuclear first strike!