Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Iraq: Who Is Paying

"In a dilapidated maternity and paediatric hospital in Diwaniyah, 100 miles south of Baghdad, Zahara and Abbas, premature twins just two days old, lie desperately ill. The hospital has neither the equipment nor the drugs that could save their lives. On the other side of the world, in a federal courthouse in Virginia, US, two men - one a former CIA agent and Republican candidate for Congress, the other a former army ranger - are found guilty of fraudulently obtaining $3m (£1.7m) intended for the reconstruction of Iraq. These two events have no direct link, but they are none the less products of the same thing: a financial scandal that in terms of sheer scale must rank as one of the greatest in history."

found on a comment at asterism, an iraqi blog

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Eli said...

Will those two be counted in the statistics of dead Iraqi civilians when and if they die? No. But they do form part of the difference between the numbers of dead Iraqi civilians shown at Iraq Body Count, and the number estimated by the Johns Hopkins/Lancet study.